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*Per notes we added in class to the directions, a TV report has to have a word count at the end, a numerical writing with an explanation in the final paragraph, and a slash every 25 words. There will be only one TV report for November and December combined. It will be due on or before December 7th. Thanks!

Need to do a TV report and don't know what to watch...maybe if you go to this link and find out about the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World you can do your TV report on that...?

If you are done your homework then you can play games perhaps at the site

This is the video game we've been trying to play in class...the fire starting competition...a Nintendo classic

Here is an actual link where I think you can play it!

This is a link to an ok game where you are a caveman with a slingshot...but definitely dinosaurs would not be around


Why make a list of sources you used on your project? Two very famous hip hop artists during Mr. Wagner's late elementary school and early middle school days decided to borrow background music to make pop hits, without asking. They both suffered under the legal system and lost most of their money earned. Only worse than that was the other artist, Milli Vanilli, which was two guys who were actually lipsinking. They were selling music by the look and style that they put along with it, and they could dance a little bit too. Well, one good reason to keep track of your sources is to not end up losing all of your money or getting sued royally, no pun intended.

All four songs are part of my personal collection, are not for redistribution, and are part of cd's that I ripped into my I Tunes. I, for one, am not trying to steal anyone's information or background information.

Welcome Back for the 2009-2010 School Year!

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Amendment - We are actually currently running on the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards because our Constitution states that it's up to the states what to do on education on a lot of subjects. So, go to this link to see updated standards that are not these ones

Lockers - Students get to practice daily, but it is strongly suggested that if there is available time after school parents and students go together to Reynolds to practice. Between 6 and 7 pm is the best time, because it is a time that students who forget books or materials can come in during the regular semester.


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